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Manufacturing Plant

We proudly present to you the facility where all our natural solutions are brought to life.

All products are prepared by batch process in compliance with the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Therapeutic Goods

Devoted to maintaining a facility which possesses structured process and the utmost in sanitary/safety precautions. Each work rooms is developed with sterile grade materials. Great selective care has been taken in crafting the washrooms and air locks sections.

Our company is onboard with all the procedures of full-disclosure. We believe it is the consumer's right to know every minute detail of their investment. If it was our loved ones we would go after each piece of evidence even the wispiest fragment of ingredient detail to ensure our families were treated safely.

Which is why we make a point of making ourselves easily accessible to you at any given hour:

A final note:

We have given Genome ® our trust. We hope that you will give it the chance it will take to bring you this much closer to your solution. By building a relationship with you, we trust that we will provide you with the most efficient and affordable treatment option anywhere other than the commercial market.

Natural solutions are our lives' work. With the native air of Australia, we are delighted to bring you the gifts the earth has given us for healing and well-being. Genome ® product lines are one such gift.

Thank you for your continued support of Y-Not Natural Australia and her affiliates. Your business is putting us on the map of Global personal care products solutions. It is because of you that we can maintain that balance between excellence and thrift. Because of you, our families are feeling great and looking great in a balance of cyclic benefit from our sales and health endeavors.

We hope that you have enjoyed this information packet. Please contact us with any further questions.