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Our story

Genome ® product range is a collaboration between Medical Hair Restoration Australia and Y-Not Natural, a Western Australian company based in Perth. Y-Not Natural is building a revolutionary all-natural line of remedial hair solutions. These products produce maximum effect. With unyielding quality, Y-Not Natural's team is working this collaboration to minimize Male/Female Pattern baldness.

No one realizes a vision on their own. The think-tank and driving force behind this product line has been Kate Dawes, IAT. A Trichologist of highest marks, Kate is a hairdresser and the company director of Medical Hair Restoration Australia. The dream for a DHT minimizing natural product that eliminated the troublesome side effects was born in her.

Kate surveyed numerous male and female patients of pattern balding. They were unanimously concerned with possible side-effects of treating their condition.

Via her exhaustive research, Kate determined that the demand for natural hair treatment was on the incline. She identified a need for an alternative which treated male and female patients for hormonal-based hair loss minus the fearsome side-effects dreaded from prescription medications. Fate progressed and Kate found common purpose with Mervin Anderson the Founder/Company Director of Y-Not Natural Pty. Ltd. Y-Not Natural's primary focus is dermatological treatment products which range for the needs of the entire family. The company's outstanding production line had access to a facility that exceeded American and European standards. Stellar biochemists, biologists, pharmacists, and herbalists comprise Y-Not Natural's talent pool. These individuals work together in providing prime ingredients for Y-Not Natural's products.

Kate now had the resources to harvest her dream. Thus, the Genome ® product line came into effect.

Our Philosophy

We have married the elite formulation of 21-st century medical procedure with the ancient methods of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine which have endured the trials of time. Finding a working relationship between these methodologies is our prime objective in combating Male/Female pattern baldness.

The Genome ® product range is comprised of nothing other than prime ingredients. We conduct no animal testing. It is friendly to every skin type. The ingredient's table is dominated by natural products. Synthetic ingredients are kept to a bare minimum to maintain the integrity of our products and the quality you expect.

Each ingredient is cherry-picked with an end game of top quality in mind.

Genome ® commits itself to continuous developmental research. We are ever expanding the Genome ® products range so that all your hair care needs are met.

Your usual hair care products will soon convert to Genome ® standards.