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Integrating Scientific knowledge with Natures wisdom

Genome ® has been developed to be used in a synergistic program to address hair loss, using proven quality ingredients to assist in preventing hair loss and regrow thicker, fuller hair.

  • Sulphates free
  • Paraben free
  • Propylene Glycol free
  • Phthalate free
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Suitable for men and women

Pea sprout is key to jumpstarting several faces of a new hair growth cycle. Pea sprout extract has been seen in many extensive studies to upregulate the phases of change in the FG57 and noggin genes which are two scalp centric genes essential in hair growth cycles.

The growth active we utilize was created from the peptides in peas. This active has a great deal of cell regenerative and anti-aging components. This is greatly assisted by the production of hyaluronic acid which is an acid that helps hair follicles to bind and form weighty tensile molecules.

Pea sprout also acts wonderfully as an anti-inflammatory in the scalp regions. Consider pea sprout the jelly armor for each hair. Without the sticky residue, that is.

Trial outcome for Genome Scalp Activating Treatment

EMortal Pep is known to promote the collagen synthesis process in the hair cycle. We can see from the graphic that our treatment works like wound-salve to the thirsty hair and causes the stem cells to activate. With an equal balance of the required moisture promoting substances and prohibiting unwanted chemical concentrates, EMortal helps to nurse the scalp back to health. This is a critical step in promoting the return of strong and lush hair.

EMortal is also known to regulate the dermal papilla cell proliferation in the cycle. Dermal papilla cell proliferation is the condensation of specific cells at the proximal end of the hair follicle, which gauges the size of hair shafts. This process helps regulate the hair growth cycle, promoting and lengthening the Anagen phase (Growth phase) of the hair growth cycle. EMortal Pep also increases the protective barrier of each hair. Fewer hairs are lost while more hair is promoted to grow, which means the ratio of lost hair to gained hair is gradually balancing itself as it did when your hair was healthy. It is a fresh breath of relief to any head of hair.

This solution initiates deep change in the production of individual hairs. The condition of the scalp will affect the quality of hair. A thin, dry scalp will not produce nourished healthy hair. EMortal Pep thickens the scalp and promotes its health, giving each hair increased blood flow to jumpstart their cycle.

EMortal Pep also reduces the production of DHT within the follicle.

At first, the man is almost completely smooth on top of his head. His pattern baldness condition has progressed excessively.

Even the untrained eye notices a profound impact within the earliest stages of treatment use. Within a month, the hair is beginning to grow strongly at the scalp's center and forms a visible part. The density and color return with enough fervor to be contrasted from a distance.

You can see here that the female subject has unique needs with her pattern baldness condition. Beginning near the core of the scalp, the thinness and loss spreads and fans in a vine-like motion, traversing the scalp with gaining momentum.

Her symptoms improve drastically in a much shorter frame of time than the male user even. The distance between healthy hair growth and absent follicles closes gradually and then all at once. Earlier photos of the subject's hair presented an almost grayish residue. Once she has used the treatment, her hair takes on a greater depth of color and shine.