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  • I have been using the Genome range for the past 4 months and have noticed a change in my hair and scalp. My scalp used to get very itchy, dry and flaky in between washes. I now find that it this doesn't occur anymore. The shampoo has a lovely clean feel to it, leaving my scalp feeling fresh. My hair has thickened up as my shedding has decreased. The products are easy to use and you only need a little bit so it lasts a long time. The activating lotion doesn't make my hair feel oily or dirty. Lovely product. From - Steph
  • I am a fifty-year-old woman with color treated shoulder length blonde hair. I have been going through some emotional stress for the last few years and my hair has really suffered. I started noticing more hair in my brush and on y bathroom counter. I also noticed that when I wear my hair in a ponytail, the ponytail seemed so much thinner. I finally asked my hairdresser about it and she said that she thought that I have lost about twenty percent of my hair over the last two years. YIKES! That will wake you up. I have done a lot of research on hair products and was totally impressed with the Genome system. It does not feel like you are using, ·medicinal." hair products. The shampoo lathered quite well, although not as much as those cheap drug store fluffy shampoos. \'/ink! I love the scent of all three products. They smell like a nice fragrance and not medicine. The conditioner really made my hair able to comb without tangles or having to use a brush a lot during blow drying. I apply the scalp treatment after blow drying and you cannot even tell you have a product on your hair. I also apply the treatment when I wake up and before I go to steep, I purchased this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion, I am so delighted by these products. I highly recommend them. I know firsthand how embarrassing a difficult it is to find hair products that you can trust for your hair loss. Even after the first time I felt that my hair was more manageable and looked healthier. I trust that the ingredients are the absolute best on the market. From - Lula
  • My wife has a great MANE of hair and she wants to keep it thick and nice. My wife's mother recently started to lose her hair and now my wife is convinced she is losing hers and she has. to do EVERYTHING now to prevent losing he, hair. l explained to her that everything she wants to do will add up in cost. She then reminded me how much her morn spent on just two wigs and the saying "happy wife, happy life. She needn't of added the last part, as she had me at the wigs cost. One ti1ing to keep in mind is the price includes shampoo, conditioner, and a scalp treatment. After a week, I asked my wife if she had noticed a difference in her hair, but given that her hair is really thick I couldn't imagine she would have any results. She indicated it was for preventative measures, so she would feel like she was doing everything to keep her healthy head of hair. However, she is very happy with the look and feel of her hair. She was shocked at how well it cleans, not only her hair, but her scalp too. From - Kase
  • Awesome product. These are amazing. They are great for thin hair and seem to work well. I have seen my hair which I cater it and it doesn't affect the color get thicker and better manageability. I am impressed and thankful for these. I have never seen something work so well and I am pleasantly surprised. It came quick and it was in a nice very easy to read instructions and would highly recommend this to anyone who going through hair loss or hair thinning.
    This product is excellent really restores your hair growth. From - Jacquelene
  • have attempted a few diverse male pattern baldness shampoos and I continue changing in view of the very therapeutic smell. I truly would prefer not to venture out of the shower possessing a scent reminiscent of a healing center or a drug store and that is the thing that the majority of them smell like. This framework has a slight therapeutic smell, yet it is extremely unpretentious. that inspires me about this set is the way you can really feel a shivering sensation on your scalp, which makes me believe that something may happen! I have seen less hairs in the sink, yet the greater part of all, my hair feels thicker and significantly more sensible. when I get up in the morning my hair is not a flyaway wreckage and doesn�t search half awful for a "bed head". Since this framework contains crucial oils, that must be the purpose behind my much more pleasant hair. I additionally don't have close the same number of tangles when I utilize this framework. I apply the scalp serum around 20 minutes before I shower and I can feel a touch of shivering with that too. I have been attempting to develop my hair out, so ideally this framework will help me do that, and it is by all accounts working. I received these items at a markdown in return for a legitimate and impartial survey, and I am unquestionably thankful for that open door. From - Archit
  • If you love that tingly feeling of clean hair - you will LOVE this shampoo! I'm not a huge fan of the leave in treatment; but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shampoo. The conditioner is very light and rises quick. From - Colin
  • I bought this for my mother to try on her thinning hair, Over the last few months l"ve bought her different types of shampoos and conditioners to try on her hair, and she's liked most of them but had no significant results. She recently received her Genome shampoo and was excited to give it a try, when I last spoke to her she said that the smell was wonderful and felt a notable change in the texture of her hair so she's happy and i would recommend. I did receive this product at a discounted price for an unbiased and honest review. From - Angelina
  • I have not been using these very long however I plan to update this. This is the second type of hair growth/strengthening shampoo I have used however l'lith the conditioner and scalp treatment it is my first time using a complete system. I have thin hair and would never consider using fake hair to amplify. I am not against them however I just know they are not for me. They are costly for one and do not last nearly as long as I \'/ould imagine they should at said high cost. Also My hair is fine and brittle and I have seen so many cases on court tv \'/here women have had extensions put in and they made their natural hair fall out. Ok so the first time I used the Genome hair system I had to use quite a bit of shampoo HOWEVER I have very long fine hair and my hair had been through two days worth of intense summer heat and a lot of activity so it needed to be cleaned in a bad way. The other times I have used it I did not have to use as much. You can feel a little tingle on your scalp and when you rinse it out you can literally feel how clean your hair is. I let this sit on my hair for a good 2 minutes before I rinse it which I would personally recommend doing so as well. The conditioner is my favorite. It really makes your scalp tingle. I love it. Now keep in mind it isn't the best at detangling my long hair however not many conditioners are. I have a really good detangling spray that will detangle hair so well it is like combing through butter. Check out my profile and you will see which brand it is. Ok back on track, the conditioner does help soften and keep static at bay so I am still happy with it. The scalp treatment is foam and goes on well and does not make your hair crisp or greasy. I pump a few pumps worth of product and massage my head for a few and l"m done. Now I had used other shampoo before that seemed to help however this one is a little better. I do have baby hairs growing which is a little scary because I did with my other shampoo but even more so with this one. I hadnt realized My hair had actually thinned on top of becoming fine. I have had 4 kids and I know pregnancy does a number on your body and apparently your hair can take a pretty big hit by the hormones. I 100% recommend this and am so eternally grateful to Genome for giving me my hair back. Thank you for discounting my purchase and choosing me to test your product. I am 110% satisfied. Thank you again!!!! From - Tingly